M24 Orion & Rotax 915 iS: the perfect pair!

Something new is in the air here in Magni Gyro: the recent union between our M24 Orion and the new Rotax 915 iS engine has been a real success! We are proud to announce that we are the first company who successfully assembled and flew three engines of latest generation! Another dream has come true!

The 915 Is is a new concept, turbocharged and fuel injected to produce 141 HP. The result is increased performance, reduced fuel consumption and a seamless, linear power delivery.

Thus began the first flight experiences for our instructors and pilots, who had the opportunity to see by themselves the quality of the new kind of gyroplane. After a day dedicated exclusively to flight tests we are happy to say that they have all been won over by the new engine, which promises high performance and unique flight experiences!


Here are all the opinions of our pilots and flight instructors!

"It is undeniable that the 915 iS engine offers a feeling of pure power but at the same time of total safety, making the flight experience a real pleasure. I think this engine perfectly compensates the load of the side-by-side gyroplane!" [Jean Pierre Loubes - France Aéro Formation Distribution]

"Speaking about the M24 equipped with 915 iS, I think that this engine adapts very well to the gyroplane and makes the machine more pleasant to fly with a special power that will be very useful, especially in aerial works." [Christophe Ansaldo - ULM Lozère SAS

"With Rotax 915iS, the M24 Orion switch to another dimension, finally an engine up to this magnificent gyroplane! The takeoff is still a bit long, but once the propellers will be adjusted the problem will not arise again. The performance is excellent and the cruising speed magnificent. I can tell only positive things thanks to this new engine!" [Thomas Gadaud-GT Aéroservices]

"I enjoyed a lot the power and the flexibility of the engine!" [Jean-Marc Chevallet - CAP-ULM]

"My opinion on the new 915iS enginecan only be positive. The noise seems to be mitigated much more than with the Rotax 914  engine and I can't help but applaud this new gyroplane: perfect, efficient and comfortable! It will satisfy many pilots. Long live the M24 with 915iS!" [David Morin - Air Bleu ULM Sarl]

"With the 915iS the M24 Orion seems to have found the power he needed. Although it was already an excellent gyroplane, the new 915iS adds remarkable speed and impressive performance. No pilot of M24 equipped with Rotax 914 will have the slightest difficulty to make the change moving to this new machine!" [Pierre Couder-Le Vol des Aigles]

"The Rotax 915iS, with all his power, transforms the M24 in a new kind of gyroplane: more powerful, faster and even more exciting!" [Christian Favre - Gyro la Côte]

"The new gyroplane is extraordinary: the climb rate is amazing! Comfort and silence are remarkable, too!" [Serge et Geneviève Bouchet - Air Ulm Paris]

"The M24 915 felt more refined than the 914. The engine and prop combination felt very smooth, like a turbine. This made it seem quieter inside. For a given airspeed the engine was at a lower rpm which added to this sensation. It also felt more stable in yaw at higher airspeeds so overall it was a more relaxed flying experience. And of course the extra airspeed was fantastic!" [Andy Jones - Magni Gyro UK Chiltern Park Airfield

"My first impression during a short flight was that the Rotax 915 was revolutionary rather than evolutionary.  The M24 was smoother, faster and much, much more capable.  The increase in power meant that even when manoeuvring the aircraft never felt short of energy, and the throttle response was linear and easy to control.  I can’t wait to do more flying in the 915-powered M24 when it arrives in the UK." [Steve Boxall - Magni Gyro UK Popham Airfield]