Magni Gyro is proud to announce the birth of Makers of Experience, a great group of expert flight instructors who provide everyday great expertise, strong passion and technical support to anyone who needs it. Makers of Experience operate on the American territory and skies... on board of a Magni gyroplane, of course!

Greg Gremminger
A real landmark in the aviation world, Greg Gremminger was the first pilot to introduce a Magni gyroplane in the United States, distorting the negative and wary idea that accompanied gyroplanes in the eighties. Since then, more and more people have turned to Greg, who, with a lot of passion and competence, has advised and made hundreds of people fall in love with the world of the gyroplane. Today you can find him in Missouri,
taking off from the Perryville Municipal Airport.

Dayton Dabbs
Dayton is the youngest member of the "team", but do not be fooled by his age: he has already done a US "coast-to-coast" trip,
during which he won three records, together with his colleague and friend John Craparo. The next adventure was to
fly from Texas to Cuba with Mike Baker, John Craparo, Jonathan Prickett and two M16.
Dayton is now the owner of Lone Star Magni Gyro Inc., located in Texas.

Mark Sprigg
A great professionist in the world of the aviation, Mark Sprigg has recently moved from
Missouri to Jack Edwards Airport in Alabama, not far from the Florida border.

Paul Salmon 
Dr. Paul Salmon entered the "most memorable records of 2015" category, winning the no-stop long distance record for the gyroplane
category: 1027.17 miles traveled. Paul took off from the El Paso International Airport in Texas on board on his 
Magni M22 and continued to fly until he reached the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport, 10 hours later.

Don Bradley 
Don Bradley is considered one of the best pilots to be found in the busy and sunny California. He participated to several air shows
throughout the years. You can find him at Foothill Sport Aviation.

George Woods
Last but not least. Another competent Californian pilot, George is actively collaborating with Don Bradley, also working at the
Woods Aviation and taking off from the Watts Woodland Airport.


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