New DIGI release for MagniGyro

Following pilots and professional operators demand, MagniGyro, in collaboration with Kanardia, has developed a new release for the “EMS”, a standard instrument that has been used since long on Magni’s gyros.

The new release allows to constantly visualize the total engine operating hours, for an easy recording of the flying activity, from its beginning to its ending.

This release will display the following parameters: 

- RPM Engine, Manifold Pressure MAP, Fuel Pressure with arch indicator and numeric indicator;

- Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, CT Temp, Voltmeter with bar indicator and numeric indicator;

- 4xEGT with bar indicator for all values and numeric indicator for the maximum and the minimum value only;

- operating engine hours recorder in "hh:mm" format.

The Kanardia’s offer dedicated to Magnigyro consists of the new Horiz (80mm multifunctional artificial horizon) and Combo (80mm anemometer, altimeter and vertical speed indicator).

Previous DIGI installed by MagniGyro can be updated with the new release.

For any further information, please contact: